organic dried Hibiscus flower

Before being offered to you, this Hibiscus sabdariffa Flower has received the most meticulous care in its cultivation, harvesting and preparation.

Cultivated in organic farming, it thus retains all its taste and plant active qualities which make the reputation of Hibiscus from Burkina Faso.

With a characteristic taste between grenadine and raspberry, slightly acidic, it can be used in food to make Bissap juice, syrup, tea, cocktails, ice cream, jam and it can fit very well into the best recipes of the current gastronomic imagination.

It can also be used in cosmetics for its antioxidant and coloring properties. The Hibiscus Flower can be used in the composition of make-up, creams, shampoos, soaps, anti-aging treatments, softeners and moisturizers, etc.

The Hibiscus Flower is also used for its medicinal virtues in herbal tea thanks to its hypotensive and detoxifying properties.

This Hibiscus flower is also available in conventional or organic conversion.