With REsources, you have the guarantee of a material whose quality and history correspond best to your societal and natural requirements.

Whether on a small or large scale, we have become aware that our consumption choices are decisive on the social and environmental level with impacts for some very negative or even catastrophic while others on the contrary can lead to much more positive effects and virtuous.

This awareness leads to new modes of consumption, tremendous creativity, strong aspiration for ever more innovative, ecological products with high societal value.


In this spirit, the quality of the raw material, its origin, its mode of production and its impact on the standard of living of its producers and on the environment are all fundamental elements to which we are very committed and which are checked annually by ECOCERT according to the Fair For Life benchmark at each level of our fairtrade sectors.


This guarantee is based on the commitments that define our equitable policy:

Advice and expertise

We provide our fair trade partners with our expertise in agro-ecology and sustainable sector development.

We answer as much as possible on technical aspects, certification and diversification.

Respect for small producers

Our sectors are intended to consolidate small businesses and family farms that provide employment and generate agrosystems that guarantee biodiversity and landscapes.

Environmental Protection

Our fair trade materials are all produced in organic farming.

 Our logistical or technical choices are always inspired by the reduction of greenhouse gases and ultimate waste.

Respectful trade

The relationship with our suppliers is contractualized over at least 3 years.

Our materials are purchased on the basis of a fair price, at least more than 15% of the conventional price.

Whenever possible, purchases are pre-financed up to 50% at the start of the campaign.

Solidarity actions

Nous reversons 5%  du montant de nos achats à un fonds de développement géré démocratiquement par nos fournisseurs et leurs producteurs.

Ces sommes sont utilisées pour des actions principalement d'autonomisation des femmes et de protection de l'environnement.

Respect for rights

We attach particular importance to respect for rights; in particular concerning human rights, the fight against all discrimination and all forms of exploitation, for labor law, respect for international and local conventions.

Our suppliers are contractually committed to these points and inspected every year.