Located at the gates of Provence, in southern Ardèche, the heart of the Lavender production area and many other medicinal plants, REsources naturally presents a selection of the finest organic essential oils from its network of local producers:

Organic lavender essential oils

First of all, our Lavender essential oils because it dominates our Provençal-type landscapes and is a strong marker of it.


We offer different qualities:


  • EO of fine lavender
  • Maillet Lavender EO
  • EO of Lavandin super
  • EO of Lavandin grosso

Organic Cade Essential Oil

Essential oil extracted by steam distillation from organic Cade wood. Light, amber and transparent, this oil has well-known medicinal antiparasitic virtues but it is especially appreciated for its characteristic woody and peppery smell.
It is particularly interesting in rather masculine formulations.

Organic Thyme Linalool Essential Oil

Thyme is also very present in the flora of the lower Ardèche, so we offer organic Thyme linalool EO.


With a very sweet smell, this essential oil is particularly known for its toning and antiseptic properties.