With REsources, you are guaranteed to have top quality materials sourced directly from our producers with respect for small family farms, landscapes and biodiversity.

REsources is the result of 14 years of commitment by its president to women in southwestern Burkina Faso to structure and develop an excellent organic fair trade shea butter industry.


Recognized by the most demanding cosmetic laboratories and certified organic-fair trade since 2008, it was necessary to go further and to be able to offer you this beautiful material directly at home at the pace of your needs. In order to be able to increase the level of transformation, we approached the best laboratories in the food and cosmetics industries.

This allows us to now offer you 3 different qualities: raw shea butter, lightly deodorized raw and refined shea butter.


Thus, REsources was created in 2019, to offer you Shea butter from Burkina Faso directly at your home with the level of processing most suited to your uses.

Since 2021, relying on its expertise in sector construction, on certification aspects as well as in quality approach, REsources has been developing new fair trade sectors in West Africa, always on Shea butter but also on other materials such as the Hibiscus flower.


Located in the heart of lower Ardèche in France, it also offers you organic essential oils from French producers who are just as passionate about their product as they are about preserving biodiversity and the environment.

Antoine MARITON, président de REsources

"With a childhood, surrounded by nature, in the middle of the cade and lavender hills of southern Ardèche, I developed an outlook that was both "earthly" and "naturalist". A look that I strengthened during my studies in the field of agronomy and that of ecology.

This allowed me to make rich experiences later in the scientific, technical and human fields. Gradually, they helped me develop a keen sense for promoting products from nature and ancestral know-how.


Arrived in 2007 in Burkina Faso, I found with the shea tree and the local farmers, a bit of my Cévennes, with its olive trees, its chestnut trees, its generations of farmers...


Together we have therefore developed a beautiful structure which today employs 35 women and has a network of 4,500 collectors. We produce organic fair trade shea butter and hibiscus flower there.


Over there, I realized how positive this kind of commitment could be. I have seen women acquire real dignity and freedom because they are often better paid than their companions. I have seen them gain real autonomy, I have seen their children grow up and study thanks to shea money. Some are now doctors or university professors, others are employees of our company. Building on the success of their mothers, they have more confidence and can imagine their future more serenely.


From an environmental point of view, the fair promotion of organic shea butter has enabled the population to change their outlook on environmental issues that were too often perceived as restrictive, leading to ever more sacrifices. They realized that protecting a tree, a natural space could also allow today to create wealth.

With REsources and our network of partners, it is in this spirit that we are developing our new channels and our fair trade project.


With our materials, it is to this story that I invite you to participate